Great message to reflect on. I have always struggled with work/life balance. I taught for several years and often stayed late every night, prepping, marking etc, because I was also rehearsing, gigging and trying to fit in visits with my dad in long term care at the time. I was getting to the point of burn out. Three bands, a choir, 3 rehearsals, weekend gigs and 2 hours of traffic min 7 days a week.

I recently moved to a dream home, with a resort feel, have been trying to pace my studio time, with my work as a writer etc, so I can enjoy where I am and just soak in the sunshine and spend more time outside. I was physically and mentally craving it. There was no privacy or space in our old house. I was depressed, grieving the loss of my dad last year and I, like you, had to make some big changes to help my mental health and physical health, as well as work at personal relationships.

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Dondra, thank you for writing. I wish the best for the interesting experiences yet to unfold in the next stages of your life's journey.

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